Monday, June 26, 2006

Silas and his new buddy Stephen

For those of you who always thought my children looked slightly asian:)

Our newest baby sitter

Silas made a new friend while we were at camp. A camp team from Pillsbury College came up to help and one of the team members, Stephen Choi really took to Silas. They were instant buddies! It was a huge help to have an extra pair of hands around. One of the days at camp Stephen and Silas played together for over an hour-it was sweet.

Outdoor Adventures

We spent two weeks at camp this month and the kids had a ball!! Sara and Silas love being outside. They played hard on the swings, in the sand, in the pool. . .it was fun to be in the great outdoors. These next posts are one of the many moments you just have to capture on film. It is neat to watch the kids discover new things and be amazed by some of the things we take for granted. Enjoy the pics!

Hey, what is everybody looking at?!?

We found a new friend!


Can I hold him?

Hey, come back here!

Almost. . .

Just come a litte closer Mr. froggy


Don't worry, we cleaned his hands with anit-bacterial lotion before he ate breakfast.


This hill is a little tricky.

struttin' my stuff

This is the finished product of Silas' buzz cut- we love it! By the way, that lollipop had hair ALL over it-Yuck!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

B.H. Before Haircut!

Looking this good isn't as easy as it appears!

In the midst of the shorning of my locks of hair!

Why, as a matter of fact, I do love my new haircut!

I never get my way!

This is one of my many Ms. Rhonda outfits!


Too cute for words!

"This little piggy" gets me every time.

tickle torture

Give me my crayon, and nobody gets hurt!

Oh, well, yellow is my favorite anyway!

Uh, Oh! I'm not supposed to be up here!

One those moments you have to capture on film before you deal with it.

Little Sara and Baby Ella

Help, I've fallen and I've gotten busted by dad!

Do you have to take my picture while the sun is in my eyes?

Neb treatments are never this easy!

Sittin' pretty, smellin' sweet!

Typical meal time with Silas.

Bad to the Bone!