Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pictures, Pictures, and MORE pictures


I LOVE baby feet! I especially love Ezekiel's. He has these long skinny feet and these petite little toes that are absolutely adorable. . . so here they are for everyone else to admire as well:)

Attempts at a Smile

Monday, May 19, 2008

Random Shots

Boy meets world . . .

Finally the weather is nice enough for the kids to play outside!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Journal Entry

I am not one to use my blog for journaling purposes. . .I enjoy journaling and have a journal for each of my children, plus my own personal journals, so if I want to journal, that is usually where I write. However, tonight after our Bible Story (the topic was "what does it mean to be perfect") Sara said, "mommy, I don't like when you talk about going to Heaven forever, it scares me." Why can't I be five forever, I don't know what to think about being older and living in Heaven forever. . .what will we do there? Why can't we just stay here forever?"

WOW! I have struggled with trying to wrap my brain around "forever" for a long time! I remember having very similar conversations with my dad as a child. "Fear of the unknown" I call it.

I told Sara that I have had those same fears. We talked about the alternative (spending forever in hell) and we talked about how wonderful Heaven is going to be and that we can't understand it all. I told her it will be so much better than anything here on earth. Her response was, "Will there be flowers?" I told her I am sure there would be and I told her about the streets of pure gold, the jewels, etc. She asked if there would be food in Heaven and if we would eat there. She said, "I wonder if there will be pretty flowers on the table? It sounds like fun!" I just wanted to scoop her up and give her a big hug. It is times like this where I am reminded that the "mundane" job of mothering is anything BUT mundane!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Special Times with Mom-Mom

My mom flew in from Pennsylvania shortly after Ezekiel was born. The kids constantly bombarded "mom-mom" with all kinds of things they wanted to do. . .Coloring, playing tag, reading books, the list goes on. They loved having her here. It was hard to say goodbye. . .My mom and I talk pretty much everyday, and I can pick up the phone and call her about the most insignificant things (like how long to boil the water for hard boiled eggs) and she doesn't mind!:) We usually only see each other once a year and I am so thankful she was able to come and visit. Thanks Mom for making the time to come and for your help while you were here. We love you!!

Friday, May 02, 2008

Little Green Turtle

Outfit compliments of Uncle Dave and Aunt Esther. . .(one of the few outfits Ezekiel was not drowning in those first weeks) Thanks Guys!