Friday, March 20, 2009


Mr. Independent

Ezekiel is already attempting to dress himself--he really is growing up way too fast!!


Believe it or not, with all the snow we get in Minnesota, this was only the seconed time this winter that the kids were able to really play in the snow. The temperatures are just TOO cold most of the time--they were very excited to get out and play!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Child's Hand

I cannot draw to save my life! Usually when the kids ask me to draw something for them, unless it's a flower or a butterfly, I send them to Matt. Sara has put me to shame, not that I'm surprised. . .here are her pictures of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln that she drew in school. (K-5) I was quite impressed! Perhaps Sara got some artistic ability from her daddy,(or maybe her Uncle Tony) b/c she certainly didn't get it from me!!

Prison Break

Ezekiel got into the habit of scooting himself backwards in order to get back into sitting position. He somehow manages to get himself in the worst predicaments. I was busy in the kitchen and looked over to find him trapped underneath the chair. He actually was quite content under there for a little while, so I grabbed the camera. I eventually rescued him after he started getting frustrated.

"Hmm. . . Now What?!"

Cute Stuff

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Happy Elf

This is one of our favorite outfits. It was a gift from a family in our church. Matt thinks Ezekiel looks like a little elf with the hood up.

Poor Kid

On March 30th Ezekiel is headed down to the U of M for another minor surgery. They are actually doing three small procedures on the same day to avoid putting him under anesthetics three different times. One of the procedures he is having done is to clear his clogged tear duct. Some mornings he can't open his other eye at all b/c it is so goopy. Hopefully, this procedure will clear it all up, so Ezekiel can see clearly in the morning:)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009