Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Happy Birthday Matt!! We had a small "surprise" party for Matt for his 32nd birthday. He loves white cake, with white frosting. I topped it off with peanut butter m&m's-another favorite of his. It was a fun night with close friends-thanks guys, for helping us celebrate!

Make a Wish

Sara's favorite part of anybody's birthday is singing to them and watching them blow out the candles.

Daddy and the Kiddos

The Stamper Clan

Sorry Beth, I caught you mid sentence.

Silas and Uncle John


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Friday, November 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Silas!

November 3, 2006. Silas Matthew Tolosa turned two years old. Here are some pictures from his party we had a couple weeks ago. I am obviously late in posting. I will post more this weekend and hopefully a couple video clips from the party as well. Enjoy!

Silas is Two!!

Every year I try to have my kid's birthday cakes go along with something they have really enjoyed the past year of his/her life. This year we had a farm-themed birthday because Silas loves animals. (The only books he really sits for are the ones that have animals in them.) This cake is from Sam's club and I used plastic little animals to decorate the farm. We had zoo pal plates to go along with our animal theme. It was a fun night.

"It's My Party, and I'll Cry if I want to!"

Thanks Uncle Jason and Aunt Beth

Silas got this huge stuffed snake from the Stampers. He had a ball with it the night of his party. I am going to attempt to blog a video of him with it.

Silas, Ella, and the Giant Snake

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Little Miss Particular

So, here's the story. Sara got these p.j.'s from the Stuckey's a while back, and they are obviously fall/winter p.j.s. So, we put them away in the p.j. drawer for when the weather gets cooler. Well, yes it's been cold out, but our apartment gets quite warm--stuffy really-we usually crack windows to let the 30 degree weather in! Anyway, Sara kept asking to wear these p.j.s, and I kept telling her it's not cool enough yet, just wait. She would ask periodically always getting the same answer. Plus, she has plenty of other p.j.s that aren't brand new that she can still wear--(and for those of you who know me well enough, you know I struggle to wear anything NEW right away-it has to sit in my closet or drawer for a while first) So, one night we were getting the kids ready for bed, Sara came to the living room with "the" p.j.s behind her back. "Do you want to wear those tonight Sara?"--(dumb mom question I know) OF COURSE she said yes-so poor depraved child, I gave in. She was so excited--I just had to get a picture of the infamous p.j.s! They are really cute:)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Halloween Night

Both of my children are too little to know what Halloween is all about. Sara just loves to dress up in a costume (and believe it or not Silas LOVED his dog outfit after the first minute or so had passed.) Tuesday night was Matt's last volleyball game so we just put Sara and Silas in their costumes and headed to Matt's game. They kept them on all night and loved all the attention they got while wewere at the game. It was a fun night for them.



Go Team!

Cheese Nips and Volleyball. . .

It doesn't get any better!

Buddies for Life

Mr. Mark and Silas

Good Game Coach!

It's been a long night!