Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

This is our last year going to the Minnesota State Fair. We only went once before the kids were old enough to enjoy it. But we have been the last 3 years and it really is a fun day as a family. . . a tiring day, but lots of fun. We always take self-taken pictures of all of us, but this time we asked another couple to take one for us.

They had a "hands-on" farm for the kids. They could pretend to feed chickens, gather eggs, milk cows, gather fruit, plant vegetables and then sell their produce at the farmers market. At the end they each got a box of cereal or bag of chips with the money they made selling their goods. We have never done this with them before, and I think they really liked it!

We had to wait in some long lines along the way. . .it was hot!
Zeke was contemplating a second ride on the tractors while we waited.

"Feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs"
More ways to pass time while waiting in lines
Silas "milking" the cow
"Picking Apples at the Orchard"

"Delivering our goods to the Farmers' Market"

After the "day of work" at the Farm, (and waiting in long lines) We were all ready to eat. Which of course is one of the few reasons we go to the state fair! We tried some new things this year--I just realized I should have taken a picture of all of the things we ate.
Here is our "Texas Tater Twister"
What else do our kids love about the state fair?
The Rides, of course!

Zeke watching Sara and Silas on the airplanes.
(yes, he is wearing Sara's hat, it was the closest one I could grab)

Silas got a little TOO excited on this ride and the ride operator had to yell, "Hey, kid, sit down!"
TIRED! But happy to have food--again!
This time--foot long corn dogs--sorry, no picture.
Next, on to the Animal barns. One of the last reasons my kids love the fair. We watched a sheep judging competition. We found it ironic that amongst all the jeans worn by these farmers and
4-H members, there was one lone man in the competition NOT wearing jeans.
Guess whose sheep won?!!
Yup, you guessed it. . .
The man in the bright yellow shirt and plaid shorts!
Petting a calf

The Cow Barn

This cow kept looking at us--I figured she wanted her picture taken.
The largest Boar in Minnesota--sorry, it was too crowded by his head.

Zeke thought the pig felt strange. He had a very funny reaction and then he giggled.

Signing "PIG"


Ezekiel fell asleep with in the stroller with his cochlear ON.

Reading Group

This video is a little long, and somewhat chaotic, but the Grandma's will appreciate it, if no one else does. I never thought I would hear Ezekiel "reading" like this so when he sat down with Sara to read with her, I wanted to capture the moment. As it is, Sara is reading like crazy! I will have to video just her sometime here soon. She has read over 40 chapter books this summer!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Those of you who know me well, know that in the last seven years of living here in Minnesota, our family has been adopted. We have been blessed in an amazing way through the love of the Stuckey's who have made us a part of their family. It has been a privilege to know and love EACH of them, and to be accepted into this family of seven!

Molly, their 3rd, is getting married tomorrow. We affectionately call each other "sisters", as do all of us girls. We have shared long talks, tears, and lots of laughter. I love her dearly, and am overwhelmed with joy at this new life she is beginning!

Congratulations, Molly Jean Stuckey~ We love you very much!


Molly's Graduation

Sr. Trip-2007

(some people say we look alike)

Molly was my navigator

Molly and Sara Grace getting their pedicures for the wedding.



The Bride and Groom, almost two years ago.
(This was the first time we met Patrick)

Tomorrow at this time. . .Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Schoonhoven