Wednesday, June 27, 2007

AWANA Cubbie Awards

I am always amazed at how tiny Sara is compared to kids that are just a year older than her--she is our little peanut!

Off to Church

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Celebrating 30 Years!

Happy 30th Birthday to my good friend, Esther Mulder! Thanks to the "special student" line, class officer nominations, counseling classes, and two years of dorm life together on the second floor, we have shared a friendship of over 11 years! We have been in each other's weddings, held each other's newborn babies, and have served in ministry together. God has greatly blessed me with Esther's friendship, and I am truly grateful for her example in my life. She is a strong person, who has a servant's heart and a love for people.

Happy Birthday my dear friend!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Congratulations Jason and John

Two of Matt's good friends, Jason Stamper and John Tittle, graduated from seminary last month with their MDIV's. Jason has just recently taken over the Youth Pastor position at our church and John and his wife Jennifer left just a few weeks ago to begin church planting in Bend, Oregon. Both of these guys, along with Mark Stamper have been huge influences in Matt's life. Mark just left this past weekend to join John in Bend, to help begin the new ministry there. We will miss them both and are thankful Jason and Beth will be around a little longer as we now enter a new phase of life which they have just completed. We thank God for the many friendships we have been blessed with.

Sleepy Girl

Moments to Ponder

A Boy and His Ball

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Four Peas in a Pod

Ten years from now, I would love to see a picture of all four of them together again. This picture is of Jonas and Ella Stamper with Sara and Silas. Jonas and Sara are four months apart. They have spent the first four years of their lives together seeing each other several times nearly every week. They are good buddies, but since they have spent so much time together, in a lot of ways they are more like siblings. Silas and Ella are about five months apart, and the two of them are just starting to get along--in small doses. This picture was taken about a month ago at Beth and Jason's new house. They all thought the big truck repairing the road was pretty neat, so I took advantage of their contentment and snapped some pictures!

Cleaned Up and Cooled Off

Plaid shirt and Pig-tail braids

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Cherub Choir - Trust & Obey

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Sara is in the front row, in white, with green bell, singing louder than the rest of the choir put together! If you can't find her, we can't help you!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Ready to Sing!

Sara just started her first year in our church's childrens' choir. You can start when you turn four, so she joined the last week of March, and at the end of April they had a Sunday night service with all the childrens' choirs. Sara was so excited to sing! We will post some video clips later. . .

Meeting Baby Carson

Two of my very good friends had babies in March. Sara has just loved having litte babies to hold. She wants us to have another one and prays nearly every night: "please help mommy to have a baby." She wants a girl b/c in her words, "we already have a boy" and she wants to name her Felicity. . .