Monday, February 28, 2011

When you get a haircut. . . .


All Ready To Go!

Zeke is extremely cooperative during his haircuts.
Silas used to scream and cry during his haircuts at this age!
Glad we aren't fighting that battle again.

Bathtime after his haircut. . .

Looking good little man!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Time Well Spent

Matt was away for an Winter over-nighter with our teens at the beginning of February. It was an all-nighter and tubing event, so we both decided it didn't make sense for our whole family to attempt that together! My mom was willing to drive down from PA to keep me company and help me keep my sanity. We had a crazy but enjoyable time with the kids, and my mom and I even managed to sneak in a BBC chick-flick after the kids went to bed. . .accompanied by icecream of course. We had a good time together!

Cuddling with Mom-Mom on Dad's comfy recliner

Getting ready to make and decorate sugar cookies for Valentine's Day. I told my mom I would NOT have attempted this chaos of 3 small children gathered around one cooking area without an extra pair of hands. So . . . she took pictures and laughed A LOT!

Zeke and flour--NOT the greatest combination in the world!

Everyone loves licking the beaters

She looks like she is in PAIN!
This picture makes me laugh--Ezekiel looks just as concerned as I do!

First batch out of the oven


Now, on to the decorating. . .mom braved helping little man

He actually did pretty well. . .

SO proud of his cookie!
Meticulously placing one sprinkle at a time

Sara's Valentine Hearts

Silas's Valentine Hearts

Monday, February 07, 2011

Bedtime Routine

This kid LOVES brushing his teeth! Anytime someone else is brushing and he is aware of it, he starts saying "teeth, teeth" while signing right along with it. Now, if I could just get him that interested in the potty, we might be moving forward!!

The Unexpected!

Matt called one day from work to tell me that someone from our church bought Sara and Silas brand new bikes for Christmas!! What a wonderful blessing and such a generous gift! The kids were VERY excited--they started riding them through the house;)