Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thank you, MomMom and Pop Troy!

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Thank you Poppa and Grandma

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Thank you Grammy and Pop Pop

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Sara and Silas in new Christmas dresses. Wait, that's a shirt on Silas!

Yeah, more chick flicks for my hubby to watch!

Um, Mom, I think there was something in my egg nog!?!

The perfect book for our little monkey!

Alright, a backpack for my LeapPad! Thanks Poppa and Grandma!

UMMM, what makes you think I am trying to open my present before I'm supposed to?

Grammy and Pop Pop, I love my vest!

Future Walmart Cashier of the Month

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I love trains!

Bah Humbug!

Merry Christmas to You!

Mary Poppins has nothing on my mommy!

Being silly with Daddy

Sunday, December 24, 2006

One of Those Days!

Van repairs- including labor- $240.00

Trip to Urgent Care- $110.00

Replacing car's winshield wiper motor and wipers- $80.00

Having Matt home for Christmas Break

So, here is the story--the abridged version. . . Thursday was Matt's first day of Christmas break. For the second time in about two weeks we had to take our van into the Mazda dealership for repairs. It happened to be pouring rain that morning, so our second vehicle (which we would use for the remainder of the day) also needed to be repaired since the drivers' side windshield wiper didn't work. So we headed out Thursday morning and planned to do some Christmas shopping at the mall while both our vehicles were being repaired(thankfully Firestone auto center is in the mall parking lot).
Anyway, not thinking ahead to grab the stroller out of the van, we had no containment for Silas (mistake #1). So, Matt took Sara with him and I took Silas and we went our separate ways to shop. I took Silas into N.Y. & Co. (mistake #2) and within minutes he was all over. Knowing this was only going to get worse I called Matt on my cell, we met up and we switched kids(even though Sara wanted to stay with daddy). So, back into N.Y. & Co., only this time I have the more cooperative child. Our rule is-"stay where I can see you, and don't touch anything that doesn't belong to you." HA! Sara was doing well with the first part, but not so much the second-which is fairly normal. I had been looking at clothes on the clearance rack, when all of a sudden I hear a crash.(mistake #3) I turn to see Sara on the ground with the board that I assumed had made the crashing sound. My response--"Sara, what are you doing?!" As I approached Sara, who was only steps away from me, I notice she had blood flowing out of her head and down her face--YIKES! I scooped her up and quickly headed out of the store. (Apparently Matt had returned about that time and heard the commotion, but had no idea what had happened--needless to say, the rest of the details at this point are insignificant and not really a pretty picture to re-live anyway, so I will spare all of you.) Two and a half hours later, Sara has five stitches across the top of her eye, and a large bruise on her cheek. It was quite the day- Oh, and Matt had a fundraiser for his senior class that he had to be at for the remainder of the day. Thankfully, the Stuckey family came to our rescue and transported Matt to where he needed to be, and then took Silas to get some lunch and a nap.
It's been quite an eventful Christmas break!

"How do I pose for this?

Her Good Side

Lookin' a Little Rough


That pout is not real-just Sara being Sara!

Friday, December 22, 2006

A Little Out of the Ordinary

Sometimes they can be SO sweet!!

They Come in ALL Shapes and Sizes

A Laugh is a Smile that Burst!

Differences of Opinion

Yes, Silas DOES have a diaper on for those of you who are wondering--diaper or no, he did not think the box falling backwards was very funny.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

You Just Have to Laugh!

Christmas Photo

Here is one of the many attempts at our christmas card pictures. You all know the process-take 40 pictures pick one-maybe two if you are like us. This year Matt took Sara and I had Silas. Matt and Sara's pictures turned out great(this is NOT the one we are using-you will have to wait for that one) but Silas would NOT cooperate.

Late Birthday Posts

Thanks Grammy and Pop-Pop!!

Thomas the Tank Engine

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Little House Christmas

"Happy Birthday Baby Jesus" That's what Carrie says at the end of the Little House Christmas at Plum Creek. Sara loves this part of the movie and was glad I bought a star this year for our tree topper. She was so excited to be able to put up the star. When she finished putting it up, she wanted all of us to to say "Happy Birthday Baby Jesus". It was a good reminder to us of why we celebrate Christmas.


Silas LOVES the lights and ornaments on the tree. . . The task now is keeping his hands off the tree!

Decorating the tree

Almost Done. . .

If you look closely, you can see the ornament Sara hung. Silas's is on the side. Our tree was decorated in stages.

Getting There. . .

Our Rustic Tree

Monday, December 04, 2006

Simple Pleasures

Dress Up

Autumn, Sara, and Mikayla at the Amacks over Thanksgiving Break.

Happy Rider